Intelligent Communications means robust, enterprise-grade communications and collaboration solutions that adapt to changing business conditions. The BTAS approach places the end-user at the centre and builds out an end-to-end integrated communications infrastructure for optimal user experience.

User-Centric, Integrated Communications

imei is a single provider of communications systems that places the end-user at the centre and builds out an end-to-end integrated communications infrastructure for optimal user experience.

User Centric

The core of all intelligent communications is the end-user. Productivity and effectiveness improvements depend on well understood requirements and positive

Device Agnostic

Flexibility to choose platforms and hardware based on user needs: office-based, mobile workers, knowledge workers and contact centre; company-owned or BYO

Unified Comms

Secure, integrated applications and communications to keep people productive on any device, anywhere using IP telephony, UC and contact centre

Deployment, Infrastructure and Services

Robust, agile, secure, scalable and predictable. Available as on-premise owned, cloud-based or hybrid configurations.

Elements of Intelligent Communications

Mobile Unified Communications

Mobile Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of enterprise-grade secure voice + data + messaging + collaboration + mobile + presence.

UC provides one seamless user experience across devices, allowing an organisation to have easier, faster connection with customers, partners and suppliers.

Mobility Management

Connecting the mobile workforce with office-based systems starts with mobile devices – tablets, smartphones and mobile computing.

Mobility Management adds an overlay of security across devices, connections and enterprise information systems; and provides asset management and cost controls across
company-owned and BYO devices.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

The availability of cloud-based communication infrastructure and services allows smart capacity management and provides agility: rapid deployment, expansion and service reduction based on need.

Cloud-based Infrastructure makes possible hybrid ownership models leveraging existing investments in technology and hardware combined with ‘as-a-service’ delivery of platforms and collaboration tools.

An overview of the effectiveness of your communications environment

imei Intelligence provides a high-level communications performance summary of the current status of the organisation’s communication environment.

  Download the Intelligence brochure

Download the Intelligence brochure

Secure integrated voice, data, video,
mobile, and collaboration

imei Unicoms offers mobile unified communications solutions and integrated voice, video, messaging, data, mobile services and collaboration tools to mid-sized organisations.

  Download the Unicoms brochure

Download the Unicoms brochure

End-to-end management of your local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi

imei Network is designed to meet all of your networking needs by offering your business the highest possible performance, reliability and up-time.

 Download the Network brochure

Download the Network brochure

Integrated contact centre solutions that improve customer interactions

imei Contact Centre implements a multi-channel support approach, boosting efficiency and seamlessly connecting all customer touch points.

 Download the Contact Centre brochure

Download the Contact Centre brochure