What is imei Unicoms?

imei Unicoms provides mid-sized organisations with integrated voice, video, messaging, data, mobility services and collaboration tools that are secure, robust and agile.

Flexible implementation and configuration ensures costs are predictable, existing investments are leveraged, and Cloud-based technologies run at the highest efficiency.

User-Enabling Unified Communications

imei Unicoms is designed to help staff easily contact (presence), communicate (voice, video, and conference), and to collaborate (share and edit documents) with their internal or external stakeholders. Here is a list of services made possible by imei Unicoms:


Unified Communications

Voice, video, messaging, data collaboration, and presence tools are integrated into a secure, enterprise-grade communications environment.


Business Telephony

Robust telephony features support on- and off-site usage profiles, ensuring staff are productive both in the office and on the road.



Contact Centre

Intelligent integrated solutions for the contact centre improve customer retention and enhance the customer service experience.


Mobile Management

Management of mobile devices to secure confidential information, provide user support, and administer BYOD policies.

How imei Unicoms Supports Your Staff

Today’s modern workplace is no longer limited to the office desk, with staff often working outside of the office in various capacities. Here is a typical workplace scenario benefiting from imei Unicoms:

The imei Unicoms Difference

Mid-sized organisations of 100 to 1000 can use imei Unicoms to achieve greater efficiency from staff and infrastructure through smoother and more reliable communications. Here are some key advantages of imei Unicoms:


Integrate various communications methods, such as desk phones, conferencing, mobile devices, and PCs, into one seamless user experience with customers, partners and suppliers.


Encryption and private networks ensure fast, friction-free collaboration between employees, protecting sensitive and confidential information to a higher degree than with the public Internet.


Enable staff to be productive by intelligently integrating the organisation’s mobile workforce with office-based telephony, collaboration tools, video communication, and business applications.


Built-in agility provides the ability to increase or decrease user profiles based on changing business needs, such as moving offices, changes
in the workforce, or emerging new technologies.