"Average Fixed Line Voice Port usage by Mid-Market businesses over last 5 years has decreased by 50%"

- BTAS customer base statistics


  • Voice port usage is in rapid decline as alternative, more cost-effective communication solutions become available for mid-sized organisations.

Is your organisation paying for unused voice services?

Is your organisation getting the best value from voice carrier agreements?

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"The number of seats for hosted business VoIP and unified communications services is on track to more than double between 2012 and 2016"

- Infonetics


  • Business VoIP is now a mature technology and offers cost-savings  through reduced voice carriage costs and flexible deployment; as well as being the first step in the transition path to unified communications.
  • Data network-carried voice is already in a format for integration into Unified Communication (UC) configurations - ready for unified inboxes, email delivered voicemail, and multi-party audio and video conferencing.
  • Hosted Business VoIP and Unified Communications are able to provide rapid provisioning, on-demand or as-needed deployments and flexible, predictable commercial arrangements to facilitate operating budget planning and management.

Has your organisation made the transition to VoIP?

Is your organisation 'on trend' by moving, or planning to move to unified communications?

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"Migration from ISDN to SIP Trunking can help realise savings of 30-60%+"


  • SIP trunks have become more reliable, affordable, are more flexible, and enable more configuration and WAN design options including disaster recovery, as well as providing access to lower call cost plans.
  • ISDN technology, although mature and reliable, is limited in its ability to meet changes in demand quickly and disaster recovery options; ISDN pricing models have become comparatively expensive in relation to SIP trunk pricing.

Is your organisation's communication environment hampered by ISDN's price-performance ratio?

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Cloud-delivered communications mean you can move freely among public, private and hybrid cloud models.




  • There are fewer limitations in designing a flexible, secure, cost-effective communications environment than there ever has been in the past. 
  • Mid-sized organisations are now in a powerful position to manage vendors, pricing models, feature sets and their own split between capital outlays and operating expenses.
  • At the same time functionality, performance and flexibility are all enhanced by on-demand cloud-delivered communications

Does your organisation have a roadmap for cloud-delivered communications?

Do you have a communications partner that understands hybrid models and can advise the way forward?

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