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Company Sites: 2

End Users: 501-1000


The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCGT) was looking to refresh its entire telecommunications environment. This consisted of an upgrade to the LAN, Wi-Fi, and voice technology that serves the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium.

Two dozen providers responded to the SCGT’s tender, though there was no consistency in the offers or the potential business outcomes. The SCGT only had a short timeframe to make a decision, but there was no simple way for the organisation to compare providers or solutions to make the right choice.


BTAS first assisted the SCGT on a consultant level and prepared an overview of the providers and their proposals, as well as benchmarks of their solutions. This assisted the SCGT in coming to a decision and selecting the best proposal to meet its business outcomes.

After the technology was chosen, BTAS was then requested by the SCGT to oversee the successful deployment. This grew into BTAS providing ongoing maintenance and support based on desired service levels and business outcomes.


BTAS’ initial consulting allowed the SCGT to choose the right telecommunications setup that delivered on the expectations of their members, patrons, and visitors to some of the largest sporting events in Australia. The communications environment was particularly crucial in supporting key venue functions such as on-site retailers’ EFTPOS terminals and digital signage used for advertising.

Now only did BTAS play a role in ensuring the deployment was successful, it continued to support the technology by providing maintenance. This enabled the SCGT to meet their critical business requirements, outcomes, and service levels at sporting events throughout the year.


About Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCGT) is responsible for managing two of Australia’s top sports venues, the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium. Together these two grounds form a central sports precinct of international standing that hosts nearly 100 sports and concert events that attract more than 1.5 million visitors each year.