For over 20 years, BTAS has been creating information and communications technology (ICT) solutions that enhance the capabilities of organisations, as well as support the efforts of their staff to work together wherever they are.

No stranger to the aged care industry, BTAS has already helped providers such as Anglican Retirement Villages HQ, Christadelphian Aged Care, Twilight Aged Care and Wesley Mission Brisbane to manage their ICT systems.

In the area of healthcare, BTAS has helped optimise communications for mid-market clients such as NSW Health in the Northern Sydney and the Hunter regions. Hospitality businesses such as Holiday Inn have also benefited from BTAS’ insights and telecommunications solutions.

"Empowering Carers With Wireless Connectivity" White Paper


Wireless communications can help carers to work more efficiently, more responsively, and create more restful health and aged care facilities, while increasing patient satisfaction.

This guide provides practical advice on deploying wireless connectivity with a focus on five best practices:

  • Make sure the wireless network is ready
  • Let carers make and receive outside calls
  • Integrate with carer call systems
  • Solicit the opinions of all stakeholders
  • Anticipate and plan for workflow changes

Health and aged care is evolving. Read on to discover why today's facilities need to be dynamic, adaptive and agile with robust communications technologies to match.

Learn more about technology in aged care

BTAS Modernises Aged Care for Thomas Holt

Technology publication, IT Brief Australia, reported on the new network and communications infrastructure being rolled out by BTAS at NSW aged care facility, Thomas Holt Aged Care. The upgrade is based on technology from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) and will benefit the operations connected to the daily care and experience of residents.

Disrupting Aged Care with Technology

The aged care industry has been careful in adopting technology-based solutions, citing fears about the Internet and the dangers that come with it. However, debates around disruptive business models have tended to overlook the improved outcomes technology can deliver for aged care as a whole, such as better access to care services.

Aged Care and the “Internet of Caring Things”

As sensor-driven technology at home starts to deliver a better quality of life for elderly, it will redefine our idea of modern aged care. IBM made the observation in an interview with The Australian, where a representative from the company spoke about how The Internet of Things (IoT) will one day evolve into “Internet of Caring Things” (IoCT).

Role of Big Data and Wearables in Aged Care

Wearables have the potential to help aged care facilities understand their residents by monitoring their movements. Big Data would also play a big role by interfacing with wearables that monitored activity and vital signs. The information from wearables would then be used by Big Data systems to make informed decisions about residents. 

How BTAS improves communication

BTAS Network

Design, deployment and monitoring of wired and wireless networking across new and existing sites.

BTAS Connect

Fibre powered business-grade Internet, private WAN, and all voice and data services. Fast fibre (400Mbs) unlimited Internet from $400/month.


BTAS Unicoms

Secure collaboration, video and voice conferencing, and Cloud-delivered productivity tools.

BTAS Snapshot

Provides a detailed picture of the state of your ICT and a review of its suitability for future needs in a new location.

BTAS Optima

ICT performance and reliability monitoring through the Sydney-based BTAS Network Operations Centre (NOC) 24/7.


Comprehensive network management and monitoring with the BTAS Network Operations Centre (NOC).

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