What is imei Intelligence?

imei Intelligence is a high level management summary of the current status of an organisation’s communication environment and performance. It is a business-driven engagement measured against a key metrics looking at all aspects of the business, including finance.

Full Communication Performance Overview

imei Intelligence consists of a number of discovery, analysis, and measurement activities conducted both on-site and remotely. The process takes on average three weeks and is followed by a detailed report and stakeholder presentation.

Here is a list of the main services of imei Intelligence:

Commercial Efficiency

Analysis of billed telecommunications and carrier services, as well as recommendations for cost savings.

Network Performance Insight

WAN, LAN, core servers, and application network performance analysis, along with a WAN topology diagram and capacity overview.

Headroom for Growth

Informed insight into expanding network capacity, with a focus on any high priority areas of performance impact or risk.

Risk Assessment

Capacity summary of voice and data infrastructure, lines, and end-user services for better planning and management.

How imei Intelligence Looks at Your Communications

imei Intelligence combines imei’s accumulated knowledge of over 20 years in the communications industry with state of-the-art network analytics tools. Here is a typical engagement:

Document Checklist

Documents provide key inputs into analysis by allowing us to understand the environment and make recommendations.

Stakeholder Q&A

Provides context about the areas we are analysing and fills in any gaps not covered by documentation review or discovery tools.

Access Checklist

Enables the analysis tools to collate data about the performance of the environment.

Discovery and Monitoring Deployment

Data is captured at specific junctures to gain insight into network and communications performance.

Draft Report Review (Optional)

We can provide consultation to review the initial findings and determine if there are any focus areas to be addressed.

Stakeholder Presentation

Formal presentation on the results from the analysis, as well as recommendations.

How imei Intelligence Looks at Your Communications

Mid-sized organisation of 100 to 1000 to simplify management of their communications and achieve greater efficiency from an architectural and cost saving perspective.

Here are some key benefits of analysing at your network:

Business planning input

Gain valuable network metrics and input for planning capacity for new offices and/or geographic expansion.

Supplement internal information

Build business cases for new or added technology investment based on empirical evidence.

Benchmark value for money

Quickly and accurately assess the commercial performance of your communications environment.

Find quick wins

Uncover “quick wins”, or short-term, easy to implement improvements, which will save costs and increase commercial efficiencies.

Solve problems before they happen

Identify potential risks, capacity issues or inefficiencies before they become costly problems.

Optimise for the future

Use insights into the current environment to better architect for growing business needs and future capacity.