Solution: BTAS Unicoms

Company Sites: 1

End Users: 1000-5000


Reed Elsevier relied on an aging Fujitsu system for its telecommunication. However, since the legacy system was more hardware than software based, it meant there was no upgrade path and it was becoming increasingly obsolete.

The limited capabilities of the aging system restricted what the information and analytics company could do with it contact centre. As its business grew, it wanted to expand its contact centre with a more modern solution that could do more.


BTAS first supported Reed Elsevier's aging telecommunications system before transitioning the company to an Alcatel Lucent contact centre solution. The software and IP-based system introduced new features and functions, such as real-time and historical reporting tools for performance awareness.

In addition to its robust reporting, the Alcatel Lucent solution was implemented for its comprehensive administration and supervision capabilities. Functions such as look-ahead routing and distribution are also used for better planning and optimum resourcing based on business needs.


The modern telecommunications setup allowed Reed Elsevier to grow its modest contact centre to three divisions of 25 agents supporting end users. The expanded and improved contact centre resulted in improved call flows and a better overall experience for the caller.

Staff at the contact centre were able to benefit from reporting and recording of inbound support requests. Detailed analytics of agent performance and peak periods also provided visibility to make decisions about productivity gain.


About Reed Elsevier

Reed Elsevier is a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries. The company operates in four major market segments: Scientific, Technical & Medical; Risk & Business Analytics; Legal; and Exhibitions.