Adopt an IT Model that Adjusts to Your Business Needs

1. You may not need 100% capacity at all times

2. Your business requires more flexibility

3. Technology is refreshing faster than your assets can be depreciated

4. IDC predicts by 2020, 80% of IT infrastructure will be bought on a pay-as-you-go basis

Which Networking Option is Best For You?

Network on Demand


  • Quickly and easily add network services as you need them
  • Pay for network services only as much as you use them
  • Provision new communication ports in days instead of weeks
  • Simplify network infrastructure with a less complex environment


  • A lower level of control compared to provisioning and maintaining your own network infrastructure

Capital Investment


  • More control of what type of network and services youhave
  • Invest for only as much as you expect you need
  • Build and manage a network that you exactly want
  • Leverage existing investment for as long as you want


  • Adding or changing network technology and services can be costly and time consuming

Research Confirms: Network on Demand is All About Versatility

  Click to Download the Free NoD White Paper from Current Analysis

Click to Download the Free NoD White Paper from Current Analysis

Analyst firm, Current Analysis, investigated the prospects of NoD and found it to be a compelling offering.

In particular, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s NoD solution was deemed to be "comprehensive".

Download the Current Analysis white paper: "Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Network on Demand Subscribes to Versatility"


Read the Gartner research report on: "It's Time to Rethink How to Buy Networking Equipment"


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