Solution: BTAS Unicoms

Company Sites: 4

End Users: 201-500


The growing scope of netwealth's business meant it needed a dedicated contact centre. It already had a limited contact centre solution in place, though something more robust was needed to handle the growing number of customer inquiries it was receiving.


netwealth assumed it would need to completely replace its existing solution to establish a modern contact centre, and was in the process of trialing various new products. However, by consulting with BTAS it was found that the existing setup could be upgraded with the necessary contact centre functionality at a fraction of the cost.

BTAS designed and upgraded the telecommunications infrastructure into an integrated system that supported both regular voice communication and contact centre capability. Additional functionality, such as unified communications with Skype for Business, was also made possible by integrating it into the upgradable communications system.


netwealth saved time and resources by using their existing telecommunications setup for the contact centre and not retraining staff to use a new one. Leveraging the existing phone infrastructure also meant that Skype for Business could be rolled out in a stage approach and be tested at individual sites, something that would not be possible with a rip and replace deployment.


About netwealth

netwealth provides astute investors with a better way to save for, invest and protect their current and future wealth and financial wellbeing. The organisation is a subsidiary of netwealth Group Limited, an unlisted public company which through its subsidiaries provides a range of innovative and award winning investment, superannuation and advice solutions to more than 30,000 members and investors.