Solution: BTAS Unicoms

Company Sites: 18

End Users: 10,000+


Nestlé relied on an aging Ericsson telecommunications setup until a global company-wide decision was made to change to a modern Alcatel Lucent solution. To minimise disruption to its business, the Australian branch of Nestlé knew that its existing telecommunications environment would need to be maintained as it transitioned to the new system.

Since food is manufactured and handled at Nestlé, they had specific technology requirements that had to be met. For example, staff needed intrinsically safe wireless handsets that would be safe to use in a food production environment.


BTAS was chosen for its wide ranging expertise in a variety of technologies, as well as its ability to support Nestlé’s existing Ericsson environment during its move to the Alcatel Lucent one. That meant BTAS was able to transition the company to new infrastructure with minimal disruption to employees who were still relying on the legacy technology.

The Alcatel Lucent solution stands out for its network-integrated system management. In addition to real-time voice, video and conferencing across the company network, it is flexible enough to integrate with collaboration tools such as instant messaging, email and desktop sharing.


BTAS was instrumental in maintaning, upgrading, expanding the legacy telecommunications environment used at some sites, as well as moving other sites to a modern setup with minimal disruption to its business workflow. As the company continues to grow and expand its telecommunications even further, BTAS will support both the existing setup and the move to the new one.


About Nestlé

Nestlé is the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Whilst the company is most well-known for its confectionery products, it is also responsible for some Australia’s best loved brands such as Maggi, Uncle Tobys, Kit Kat, and more.