Technology is an essential component of any organisation's ability to operate efficiently and carry out its functions. If your network is not working or your phones are not ringing in your new office, then productivity will suffer: your staff will be unable to communicate and serve customers on the first morning in your new office. 

In our experience, the vast majority of technology migrations for new office moves work out well. The smoothest transfers happen when they are planned well ahead of move time, and there are no "last minute rushes" which create tension and increase costs.

Plan Your Move Early

In general, technology relocations should start to be planned 6 months ahead of the physical move. Some technology considerations at the new location, such as available bandwidth and fibre data technology; time required for connections, etc., should be part of the new location evaluation criteria.

Our IT and Communications Relocation Guide can help you plan the smooth transition of your entire network and telecommunications infrastructure so that it is migrated properly and safely without any unnecessary delays.

Useful Information for Moving Offices

Technology Considerations & Moving Offices

With all the planning around the physical move, the technology side of the relocation can sometimes be overlooked. However, the pitfall of this is that you may encounter a situation where no one can send an e-mail or make a phone call on the first day at the new office.

Common Oversights When Moving Offices

When planning an office move, it is important to make sure the premises can get the right type of Internet and speed. That means having the right infrastructure in place to support your business requirements, whether it is internally in your company and/or externally with a provider.

Top Tips for Relocating Your Office

A company can only generate business as long as it is up and running, so an office move will likely disrupt the whole business or parts of it. That’s why it is important to ensure the entire moving process is as efficient as possible so your company can quickly return to doing business.

Lessons Learned from Moving Offices

Timing and preparation played a big role in our office move. We started our planning as early as possible and prepared for almost every eventuality to prevent the worst from occurring. In addition to planning out every detail of the timing of the move, we made sure to budget as correctly as possible.

How BTAS Can Assist Your Technology Relocation

BTAS Network

Design, deployment and monitoring of wired and wireless networking across new and existing sites.

BTAS Connect

Fibre powered business-grade Internet, private WAN, and all voice and data services. Fast fibre (400Mbs) unlimited Internet from $400/month.


BTAS Unicoms

Secure collaboration, video and voice conferencing, and Cloud-delivered productivity tools.

BTAS Snapshot

Provides a detailed picture of the state of your ICT and a review of its suitability for future needs in a new location.

BTAS Optima

ICT performance and reliability monitoring through the Sydney-based BTAS Network Operations Centre (NOC) 24/7.


Comprehensive network management and monitoring with the BTAS Network Operations Centre (NOC).

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