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Company Sites: 1

End Users: 51-200


The Molonglo Group, a building developer, wanted to develop, build and operate a unique accommodation facility called Hotel Hotel in Canberra. Although they knew how to design the hotel with a unique theme, they also needed reliable technology that would provide guests with a positive experience.


BTAS initially assisted on a consultant basis and provided technology advice for Hotel Hotel. That consisted of evaluating IT infrastructure, voice carriage, content delivery to TVs, and iPad apps. After completing the design for the technology environment, BTAS was engaged to carry out the actual deployment.

LAN, Wi-Fi, and voice carriage formed the foundation of the technology deployment at Hotel Hotel. With Canberra as Australia’s political centre, it was important for the hotel rooms to have secure wired Internet connections that guests could use with their PC.

Separate technologies were integrated into a single, centralised infrastructure, which included access to property management systems and delivery of content to Smart TVs in hotel rooms. Not only did BTAS ensure the Wi-Fi was robust enough to connect to all of the iPads in every room, it also assisted in sourcing the apps for the tablets.


The centralised communications infrastructure made it easy and simple for the Molonglo Group to manage and deliver on the unique guest experience they wanted to create. Hotel Hotel went on to win the Australian Institute of Architects Award for Interior Architecture and Intergrain Timber Vision Award in 2014, and more recently in 2016 it was named Best Deluxe (5-star) Hotel in the Australian Hotels Association awards and a finalist in the Boutique Hotel of the Year category of the Australian Hotel Awards.


About Molonglo Group

The Molonglo Group is a property developer and creative production house based in Canberra. Hotel Hotel, a new site in Melbourne’s Collingwood, multiple publishing projects, and the future of Canberra’s East Lake Foreshore are some of its key development projects.