Company Sites: 1

End Users: 51-200


Law firm, Makinson d'Apice, wanted to reduce the cost of their information and communications technologies. It was also unhappy with the quality of customer service it received from a large telco, which was often occupied with the needs of larger corporate customers.


BTAS provided Makinson d'Apice with a modern telecommunications system that ran faster and more efficiently than its aging setup. The law firm changed its telecommunications from ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network), an older communication standard that requires separate voice and data services, to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), an application layer protocol that can be used for both voice and data, to save on on-site hardware and maintenance costs.


Makinson d'Apice benefited from better network reliability and service. They were also able to realise significant cost saving in certain areas of telecommunications, such as having their overall telco expenditure.

Makinson d'Apice also experienced efficient account management, since BTAS became their single point of contact for all telecommunications enquires. BTAS’ experience with the mid-market means it is able to work closely with the law firm and build a trusting relationship, as well as immediately respond to any questions or concerns.


About Makinson d'Apice

Makinson d’Apice is a practice of around 70 people and work with enterprises and organisations that are succeeding at the very highest levels. Its clients range from private companies to listed corporations and from charities and religious organisations to state and federal government and private individuals.