Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC 2015)

BTAS was delighted to attend the ITAC 2015 trade event on the 24th and 25th of November.

BTAS has managed IT and Communications for Aged Care facilities around Australia for over a decade. We provide ICT solutions that add value and save costs.

How can BTAS help?


BTAS Snapshot

What is BTAS Snapshot?

BTAS Communications Performance Snapshot provides a high-level management summary of the current status of the organisation’s communication environment against four key criteria: 

1. Communication Network Performance:

WAN, LAN, WiFi, Mobile Telephony

2. Commercial Efficiency:

Fixed Telephony, WAN, Mobile Carrier, Service and Support; as well as optimised design and configuration review

3. Headroom For Growth:

Capacity, expansion, readiness for new usages, new features, new technologies

4. Risk Assessment:

Technology, financial, user experience, productivity, information-loss

Benefits of the Performance Snapshot

Business Planning Input

Technology can provide a competitive edge – understanding the performance and effectiveness of the organisation’s communications environment is a key input into planning organisation growth. Planning capacity for new offices, geographic expansion, acquisitions, increased headcount; as well as enhancements to collaboration, deployment of new applications and tools, improvements to network speed and integration of mobile workforce are all dependent on an optimised voice and data communications network.  
The BTAS Snapshot provides network metrics and input for planning.


Benchmark - Am I getting Value for Money?

Communications infrastructure: voice, data, WAN, LAN, Carrier and Services are a significant expense item in any organisation’s budget. Over 20 years of experience in communications infrastructure provides BTAS with a knowledge-base of ‘best known practices’ and analysis tools to quickly and accurately assess the commercial performance of a communications environment.

Find Quick Wins
One output of the Performance Snapshot is uncovering ‘quick wins’: a set of short-term recommendations which will save costs and improve commercial efficiencies.
The BTAS Snapshot provides visibility for cost optimisation.


Solve Problems before they happen

IT departments and resources are frequently stretched. Finding the time to review, assess, discover, and research is challenging and often needs to take a back seat to solving immediate problems. How does an IT department find the time to move from reactive to proactive?
Using the Performance Snapshot to identify potential risks, capacity issues or inefficiencies can lead to identifying potential issues before they become problems.

Optimised Communications Architects
New technologies, new demands, new usage models, higher user expectations – by using the Performance Snapshot to understand the current state of the communications infrastructure, the future state can be architected to cope with new expectations and grow with business demands.
BTAS Snapshot is key part of building ‘enterprise-grade’ communications.


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