Customer Experience and Contact Centre Conversions

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Happy customers spend more.

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review into the effects of customer experience and sales-based transactions, found that customer experience is a major driver of future revenue. Some of their research even indicated that customers who had the best past experiences spend up to 140% more. 

So as your contact centre is often the first chance for your organisation to provide a positive customer experience, here are three things you can do to help improve that experience and increase conversions.

1. Improve Call Quality with VOIP

When combined with a noise-cancelling headset or hand-piece, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls can provide far superior sound quality compared to traditional narrowband telephony. This simulates a personal, local call by cutting out the noise of a bustling call centre or office, which makes it easier for your employee to build a strong rapport with the customer.

A clearer conversation also means that neither party should have to repeat themselves, which allows the conversation to flow at a more realistic rate, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction.

2. Cut Wait Time with Presence Technology

In an inbound call situation, the employee who takes the call may not be the best person in your organisation to answer the caller’s query.

Previously, this has meant putting the caller on hold and blindly forwarding their call to another department, which can lead to a lost call if the customer is placed on hold for too long.

Luckily, a modern unified communications solution will allow your employees to instantly see who is available and unavailable in your organisation. So they can quickly find the best person to forward the call on to, and know that they’re actually there to answer the call. This can result in a far superior experience for the caller and the agent taking the call.

3. Remove Repetitive Questions with Instant Messaging

If a call does have to be passed on to another employee, it used to mean that the customer would often have to repeat themselves as their basic information is repeated along the line.

By equipping your staff with an integrated instant messaging program, the employee who took the call can inform the next person down the line about the customer’s information, their question and any other relevant information. This not only improves efficiency within your organisation but it also drastically improves the customer experience by reducing repetition.

So whether you use your call centre for marketing, telesales, as a help desk, or for any part of your organisation; BTAS can provide custom solutions to improve the customer experience. 

BTAS has a specialised practice focusing on contact centre technology, with vendor trained and certified engineers and consultants.

Our contact centre solutions are built around a multi-channel approach, which allows your customers to communicate with you via whatever means they are most comfortable with.

To find out more about how a BTAS Contact Centre can help you improve the customer experience, just head to our product page.

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