The Advantages of Virtualising Your Office

Virtualization is an industry buzzword that may be as widespread as the Cloud, but it is just as often misunderstood. For that reason, many businesses have not fully realised the potential benefits of the technology.

Doing more with less

Virtualization is the process of establishing the virtual version of a technology that may be found in an office such as a network, server, storage device, or operating system. That means both physical and non-physical pieces of technology have the potential to move from the office and virtualise in a different location.

If done correctly, many businesses could benefit from substantial cost savings and flexibility advantages by implementing a structured virtualization plan in their offices. A lot of the savings of virtualization are related to hardware and software purchases, or depending on the situation, the lack of them.

For instance, virtualization makes it possible to install multiple operating systems on a single server.  This means one hardware configuration can effectively serve as four or five different configurations, saving both hardware and energy costs.

The digital domain

Networks and associated resources can also be virtualized, with a single real network divided into several virtual ones. In addition to the cost savings, the structural complexity of the network will be simplified and performance will be optimised.

A well-implemented virtualization scheme can make it easier to rollout hardware and application upgrades. This is because virtualised technology exists as digital data, so it can be copied and installed quicker than on physical devices.

Virtualization is also a good way to outsource IT services so systems for different businesses can be run virtually and securely on the same server. This type of flexibility not only cuts down on IT-related spending, but also frees up physical office space and better realigns resources within the company.

Eliminate the complexity

A quick and easy way to virtualise your network environment is with BTAS Network, which is available as Network on Demand (NoD). It also comes with 24/7 network monitoring and managed security by our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC).

By offering BTAS Network as NoD, customers can have an experience that is faster and less complex. They also have the ability to cut costs, in some cases getting 120% network capacity for only 70% of the cost.

To find out more about BTAS Network and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.

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