What to Expect From 802.11ay Wi-Fi

New Wi-Fi technology called 802.11ay promises higher speeds and greater reach, according to Network World. It will also support an even wider range of products than 802.11ad.

802.11ay promises to be a very scalable spec. 802.11ad has one set of data rates that everyone supports, but 802.11ay will have more parameters to deliver a wider range of performance and products.

Instead of viewing 802.11ay as a new spec, it will be more of an extension of 802.11ad. All the basic principles of how the networks form will remain the same, but greater capacity will be added on top of it

Ramping up 802.11ad

The IEEE Task Group's first draft for 802.11ay is targeted for later this year. If the first draft does get completed then, the first 802.11ay products may appear on the market within 12 months.

In the meantime, the current, high speed 802.11ad will pick up more market share. 2017 is expected to be the year when companies start to release more 802.11ad products.

The older 802.11ac format delivers solid performance but it has reached its limit, particularly on the consumer side. If a company wants true gigabit wireless networking for their applications, 802.11ad is the only way to deliver the necessary speeds.

Businesses are expected to benefit from the added capacity of 802.11ay. Cloud applications demand a lot of bandwidth and low latency, and only high performance Wi-Fi is capable of delivering a good experience.

Time for an upgrade

A lot of the easy PC applications have been moved to the Cloud. However, the next wave of software is already demanding a lot more bandwidth and lower latency that only a modern network can deliver.

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