Finding the health apps that help

In our technology-driven world, the smartphone is an extension of our bodies – a go-to when we need, want or simply think about anything.

With access to Earth’s collective knowledge at the touch of a button, including information about our own bodies, each passing day brings more advanced and amazing healthcare tools. With so many health apps available, people are self-diagnosing before they even see a professional. And with so many choices, it can be hard to know which apps are the best.

We’ve collected the most innovative and useful apps below. They can point you in the right direction, reduce unnecessary callouts, improve data collection for long-term care and boost the accuracy of diagnosis.


In tandem with perhaps the most famous medical website around, the WebMD app features physician-reviewed health content, symptom checkers, drug and treatment information, and even medication reminders.

First Aid – Australian Red Cross

This helpful app features vital first-aid information along with step-by-step videos and guides covering everything from broken bones to getting caught outside in a hurricane. Even better, it preloads data on your phone, so you can still access the information even if there’s no reception.

Sugar Sense

This app is a must for every diabetic. Not only does it track blood sugar, glucose, carbs and gives an estimate on HbA1c levels, but it also includes guides that show how diet can impact blood-sugar levels.


As the name implies, this app is dedicated to tracking and monitoring asthma, its causes and relevant treatments. It also passes on specific data to research scientists who study the condition.


An easy way to keep track of lab reports, appointment information, current medications, immunisation history and other health-related data. Aligned through healthcare providers, it is possible to message clinics directly for appointments, prescription refills or non-urgent requests.


Managing medication schedules, dosages and stocks can be a headache at the best of times. Using your phone’s camera, CareZone can log a variety of relevant information. Symptoms can then be shared and recorded with doctors (or family), insurance information is always on hand and reminders can be set for appointments.

These are only a few of the countless health apps available, but they are extremely useful for you and your patients – with the added advantage of regular updates and improvements – to streamline the healthcare process.

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