Benefits of a Modern Contact Centre

In a previous post, we looked at the importance of having a modern contact centre. Beyond improved call handling, having the right technology can influence your call centre in several ways

Powered by the Cloud

The move towards Cloud technology has already benefited many areas of business, and it is increasingly finding its way into contact centres of all sizes. The Cloud’s rapid adoption has been due to its scalability, portability, and improved business continuity.

The Cloud also helps to reduce a company’s reliance and spending on internal IT resources and systems upgrades. Customer feedback, multi-channel contact and social media, and workforce and knowledge management systems were once limited to larger contact centres, but the Cloud has brought this functionality to smaller ones.

While most companies still prefer to operate their own contact centre, there are some that harness the Cloud and partner with third parties to add extra capacity. Some functions that are outsourced include overflow calls, specialised skillset consultations, and after-hours or 24x7 contact management.

Some companies will prefer for the third party contact centre to be within a certain radius of the in-house one to allow for hot site functionality. Other businesses can use technology to extend their contact centre to third parties in interstate and overseas locations for risk mitigation purposes.

Empowering the workforce

A modern contact centre can benefit your staff as much as customers. Companies that offer their contact centre staff flexibility in the workplace can benefit from more engaged employees, lower attrition, and longer tenure, which in turn translates to reduced recruiting, training and operational costs.

With the right technology in place, a contact centre can have flexible rostering, work-at-home option, job-sharing, and time off for exceeding targets. If someone needs to rest their voice or has a child that needs to be taken care of, there is the flexibility to shift to email/chat or quality assurance rather than phone work.

Better facilities for employees can also help to compensate for the sedentary and sometimes repetitive nature of the job. Providing your employees with the right solutions is important in managing calls, but it also provides them with a higher degree of comfort and satisfaction at their workplace.

Putting modern technology in the hands of call staff can aid in managing customer complaints and reduce costs for the company. Some companies have moved to a complete call recording environment to investigate complaint calls, enabling them to prove compliance and accuracy to any complaints made to the industry watchdog.

Connect your contact centre

Consumers now expect a convenient, satisfying and consistent experience at all times, and have little patience for companies that are unable to deliver. This evolving marketplace has also put pressure on businesses to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency while remaining compliant with industry regulations and policies.

BTAS Contact Centre is multi-channel solution, so customers will be able to contact you any time they want in their communication channel of preference. By offering customers choice and engaging with them on their preferred channel, your business will become more customer-centric and efficient.

Contact us today to find out how BTAS Contact Centre can enable your business.

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