Properly Deploying Unified Communications

A growing number of businesses rely on Unified Communications (UC) for their daily operation, and a proper implementation can provide workers with numerous benefits. At the same time, UC is a complex solution that comes with its own potential pitfalls and problems.

Avoiding the risks

In the Internet age, there are no shortage of UC solutions available on the market. With so many choices to pick from, businesses run the risk of adopting a solution that does not fulfil their desired business outcomes.

With many working parts and critical points to consider, UC deployments are not easy purchases to make. Many things could potentially go wrong with the deployment and you run the risk of UC falling short on the operational improvements, productivity gains, and a means to strategically differentiate the business.

Even when UC is rolled out, you may find that the features and applications originally planned for deployment have only been partially implemented. In some cases, certain promised features and applications may not be identified as missing until years later.

Overseeing the deployment

Unsuccessful UC deployment can sometimes be a traced to a company dealing directly with a vendor. When rolling out a UC system, a vendor may manage the process on the client’s behalf.

On the surface, this may appeal to a client since they can rely on the vendor to look after the project. In turn, the client could potentially save money by not assigning any resources to oversee the project.

However, just because the vendor will carry out the deployment does not automatically mean they will manage the project end-to-end. The vendor may only be interested in deploying the solution on time, and not managing your resources or coordinating your team.

Guided by a partner

By focusing merely on timely delivery, the vendor may not provide the solution you purchased to exact specification. When the final UC solution falls short of your expectations, it will only lead to further complication and more money will spent and not saved.

That’s where a trusted partner like BTAS comes in. Not only will your UC solution be delivered on time and within budget, but a partner has the industry knowledge and project managers to assist your team in delivering precisely what you wanted to ensure you achieve the expected return on investment.

Having a trusted advisor deploy and manage UC will have a direct and significant impact on your overall return on investment. One way to quantify the value is to compare the total cost of the investment to the cost of having a trusted advisor oversee it to successful completion.

Bringing workers together

Today’s modern workplace is no longer limited to the office desk, with staff often working outside of the office in various capacities. Mid-sized organisations of 100 to 1000 can use UC to achieve greater efficiency from staff and infrastructure through smoother and more reliable communications.

BTAS Unicoms provides mid-sized organisations with integrated voice, video, messaging, data, mobility services and collaboration tools that are secure, robust and agile. Our solution is designed to help staff easily contact (presence), communicate (voice, video, and conference), and collaborate (share and edit documents) with their internal or external stakeholders.

Contact us today to find out how BTAS Unicoms can enable your business.

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