Lessons Learned from Moving Offices

February was the month when BTAS moved into its new office. This meant the old space had to be cleaned up while the new location was redesigned for our needs.

Beyond managing both offices spaces, we had to make sure all of our employees had a smooth transition, particularly from a technology perspective. Here are some lessons we learned from our moving experience.

Planning ahead

Timing and preparation played a big role in our office move. We started our planning as early as possible and prepared for almost every eventuality to prevent the worst from occurring.

In addition to planning out every detail of the timing of the move, we made sure to budget as correctly as possible. Hidden fees or add-on services can sometimes be charged at the last minute, so we budgeted extra to cover any extra costs by movers, designers and architects.

Setting and enforcing deadlines ensured our employees cleaned out their desks at the old location and were ready to set up at the new building. Everyone, even the smallest players, was informed of the deadlines to ensure everything happened in the right order and on time, which in turn reduced stress on moving day.

Staying organised

Clearly labelling furniture and boxes with colour coded tags assisted the movers with handling. It also helped them in correctly placing these items in the new office.

When it came to planning the layout of our new office, we sent someone to obtain the exact measurements of each individual space. These measurements were then compared to those of existing and new furniture to see how they would fit in the allocated space.

Moving to a new office was also an opportunity to change to the way the physical space looked and operated. To do that, we asked employees early on what they need to be more productive, and then used that feedback to make decisions about furniture and layout that best suited their work requirements.

Ready from day one

The physical move to our new office was handled by a moving company with years of experience in carrying successful relocations. When it came to moving our telecommunications to our new address and ensuring it was working on day one, we were able to draw upon our own two decades of skills and experience doing it for clients.

BTAS Snapshot provides a high-level management summary of the current status of the organisation’s communication environment. The on-site and remote discovery, analysis and measurement activities take on average three weeks, and are followed by a detailed report and stakeholder presentation.

When it comes to upgrading your communications setup, BTAS Network is our end-to-end management of your local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi. This includes 24/7 network monitoring and managed security by our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Not only do we offer choice when it comes to the right network for you, we also provide you with a variety of ways to invest in it. In additional to capital and operational expenditure options, BTAS Network is available as NoD.

BTAS Connect uses fast fibre as the backbone to deliver high speed Internet and Wi-Fi to a mid-size organisation. In addition to offering choice to companies in terms of design and architecture, it delivers cost efficiency by providing the latest in technology and increased competitiveness around pricing in the market.

To find out more about the above products and how they can help your business, visit the product pages below or contact us.

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