Business NBN Survival Guide


As we are all no doubt very well aware by now, the NBN (National Broadband Network) is an independent, government-owned entity which aims to roll out new telecommunications infrastructure and will replace some of the older networks and technologies currently in place.

The NBN does not sell to end users, rather provides services through partners and integrators such as BTAS.

Up until recently NBN Co. has been focused on building infrastructure and delivering to homes, consumers and individual end-users.  However, as the infrastructure gets built-out, NBN will start to provide broadband services to businesses, and that time is approaching. 

The main impact of NBN for businesses will be around the transition time: when NBN becomes available, when will new services on copper cease to be available for those premises, when existing services can no longer be modified and when existing copper services will be switched off and must be moved onto the NBN.

We have already started to see notifications being sent to businesses announcing the availability of NBN for business and information about transition from copper services to NBN services.

What to do? There is no preparation necessary until your organisation receives a letter from your carrier or from the NBN Co. specifying when the switchover will take place for your address. The completion date for the NBN project is estimated to be by the end of 2020.

There are a range of different NBN speeds available for internet and data use, however if you are after business grade internet it’s highly recommended that your organisation pursue a business grade solution from a commercial telecommunications company or integrator such as BTAS to avoid congested networks and slow speeds during peak times.

If you would like to know what services and plans are available to your organisation, contact BTAS on 1300 55 44 11 or submit an online enquiry so that we can run a remote site qualification on your offices.

In the meantime, download our complete Business NBN Survival Guide including a Self-Assessment Checklist to see if you are NBN ready.