8 Technology Tips for 2018

We have summarised 8 high profile technology trends in a compact infographic along with some practical tips on how to mitigate risks. 

Your organisation may already have all or many of these under control, and that would put you ‘ahead of the game’.  Even so, it’s often good to compare current practices with current hot topics, for example:

  • Lost productivity has been estimated to cost $11,000 per employee per year – how to minimise productivity losses?
  • Acquiring a customer costs seven times more than retaining a an existing one – what can be done to increase retention rates?
  • Moving functions to the cloud has led to many organisations reporting increased security benefits – what practical ways can cloud deployment be beneficial?
  • 6 in 10 employees admit to solving IT problems as an addition to their normal responsibilities – what are some ways to take the burden off employees?

Click here to download the infographic.