Disrupting Aged Care with Technology

There has long been a need for the aged care industry to embrace emerging technology-based solutions, even if it they are disruptive. Although these technologies have sparked debate in the sector, Australian Ageing Agenda reported that it often ends in a lack of action.

The aged care industry has been careful in adopting technology-based solutions, citing fears about the Internet and the dangers that come with it. However, debates around disruptive business models have tended to overlook the improved outcomes technology can deliver for aged care as a whole, such as better self-direction for aged Australians accessing care services.

Setting a trend

Some providers have been more progressive and harnessed the benefits of technology, such as the two year trial by WA Home and Community Care (HACC). With the help of technology, a sample group of 100 aged care recipients can now choose and hire their care workers directly, and the initial trial results have been encouraging.

With market demand growing much faster than the industry can evolve, it is the disruptive providers that will have the capability to respond quickly to changing resident behaviour and needs. As more traditional, established care providers get behind such projects, the more the aged care industry is expected to benefit as a whole.

In the age of the Internet, online consumers have come to demand a higher level of service and support across a number of industries. This now extends to aged care, where technology is able to create a transparent and an affordable marketplace filled with skilled and knowledgeable workers.

Building a solid foundation

In order for technology to provide aged Australians with the freedom to exercise real choice, aged and healthcare facilities need fast and reliable technology infrastructure. BTAS Connect can bring fast fibre-powered WAN and Internet powered to your village, while BTAS Network is end-to-end network management for peace of mind.

Symmetric connectivity of BTAS Connect means uploads are equally fast as downloads, so you’ll be able to add high quality content to the Cloud within minutes. High speed broadband also means you do not need to worry about the reliability of your file transfers or the availability of the Internet.

BTAS Network is designed to not only manage your network, but also secure it. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) will proactively monitor your network, ensuring you remained focused on running your village and not distracted by the running of technology.

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