Building a Better Contact Centre


Your contact centre may be your main touchpoint for a lot of your customers. When someone contacts your company for information or support, the call experience will greatly influence their perception of the business and products.

A multi-channel approach

The way people interact with an organisation has changed in the last few years. Beyond phone and email, customers want to get in touch using web chat, social media, and self-service channels.

When expanding your contact centre footprint to these extra channels, you will need to ensure the customer experience is consistent. A customer should get non-conflicting information and customer service procedures regardless of the method they use to contact the company.

When adopting a multi-channel contact approach, it is also important to remember that consumers expect different levels of service according to the channel. For example, people tend to want their enquiries over social media to be responded to within hours.

Listen to the customer

Asking for feedback continues to be a useful way to improve the customer experience. Post-call surveys, online or email surveys following an interaction, and speech analytics can provide value insight into what your contact centre is doing right and what could be improved.

When it comes to measuring the total customer experience and the growth and retention of customers, it may be worth rethinking your metrics. Average handle time (AHT), grade of service, and abandonment rates have been the key performance indicators for many years, but the evolution of the contact centre has created a need for new metrics.

Tracking a company’s Net Promoter Score can be valuable, since it is not linked to a single channel and instead shows customer loyalty and advocacy. First Contact Resolution focuses on resolving the customer’s issue at the first point of contact rather than ending the interaction as soon as possible.

Keep your customers satisfied

Consumers now expect a convenient, satisfying and consistent experience at all times, and have little patience for companies that are unable to deliver. This evolving marketplace has also put pressure on businesses to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency while remaining compliant with industry regulations and policies.

BTAS Contact Centre is multi-channel solution, so customers will be able to contact you any time they want in their communication channel of preference. By offering customers choice and engaging with them on their preferred channel, your business will become more customer-centric and efficient.

Contact us today to find out how BTAS Contact Centre can enable your business.

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