How Much Are You Really Paying for Telecoms?

It is estimated that 10 to 20 per cent of telecom charges are billed in error, according to Network World. Depending on the size of the technology environment, the cost to the company can range from a few dollars to tens of thousands per month.

Typical over-billing by providers includes invalid circuits, set-up fees, improper rates, and more. These charges can appear on the invoice, but often they are buried under monthly recurring charges or simply hard to find among the other charges.

Part of the problem can be blamed on providers for not improving their billing and invoicing processes, or make it easier for customers to identify and recover costs. Another issue is significant turnover account reps that navigate the content of invoices and billing platforms, putting the pressure on the customer to ensure statements are accurate and negotiated discounts are in place.  

What is really being billed?

Organisational change can also contribute to billing discrepancies. An event such as a merger, acquisition or divestiture can lead to circuits, lines, and services no longer being used by the company, but they will continue to be charged by the provider if left unchecked.

Another factor is when a company migrates to new technologies, legacy assets and services can fall through the cracks. Even after moving to more efficient telecommunications such as SIP, existing PSTN services may be left in place and continue to be billed, effectively reducing the amount of cost savings from the changeover.

When you factor organisational and technological change with the unclear invoicing by service providers, it can lead to billing discrepancies and unnecessary costs. Companies are increasingly becoming aware of this and recognise the need for better cost management and support of their network environment.

Streamline your telecommunications

With the above in mind, BTAS has designed its invoices to be as simple to understand for the customer as possible, so they know how much they are spending for what. BTAS’ mid-market focus and two decades of industry expertise means it also has the account reps to deliver a more personalised customer service than the larger telcos.

BTAS Network is our end-to-end management of your local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi. Not only do we offer choice when it comes to the right network for you, we also provide you with a variety of ways to invest in it.

In additional to capital and operational expenditure options, BTAS Network is available as NoD. That means you can pay for only what you use, since network connections can be added and removed as needed.

By offering BTAS Network as NoD, customer can have a network environment that is more flexible and less complex. They also have the ability to cut costs, in some cases getting 120% network capacity for only 70% of the cost.

To find out more about BTAS Network and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.