How Aged Care Can Use Social Media

The number of aged Australians using Facebook has doubled in the last six years, according to One Fell Swoop. Matthew Lee, Digital Strategist at the consultancy, shared the statistic during his presentation, “The powerful influence social media has in helping children select an aged care home for their parents”, at this year’s Aged and Community Services Australia National Summit.

The number of Australian Facebook users aged 45 to 65 went from 104,000 (14 per cent) in 2010 to 950,000 (30 per cent) in 2016. Lee said people of all ages are increasingly relying on social media to source information and help validate their decisions.

 “Social media has changed the dynamic and put the power in the hands of consumer,” he said. “They drive discussions now.”

A community for all

While many aged care providers have been relying on their company website to provide information about their services, Lee said consumers are now somewhat distrustful of official websites and sometimes question their authenticity. By using social media, an aged care facility has the opportunity to create an online community that showcases life within at the facility and the quality of care provided to residents.

Some aged care providers have already adopted this approach by transparently and authentically posting about the activities and lifestyle programs being delivered. For family and friends of residents, they have a virtual community where they can learn more about staff and residents interacting at the facility.

 “A lot of people are time poor but they want to be able to pop in to see what’s going on in the lives of their loved one, see how staff are taking care of them,” Lee said. “One interesting way to solve that issue is to create a virtual community, and take what’s happening in the physical environment and put that online.”

Although social media gives aged care providers the ability to monitor their brand online, Lee said it was essential to have the right resources in place to make the most of the online community. For example, a community manager may be needed to regularly post content and monitor comments.

Connectivity with reliability

To make the most of social media for both residents and workers, aged care facilities need fast and reliable technology infrastructure. BTAS Connect can bring fast fibre-powered WAN and Internet powered to your village, while BTAS Network is end-to-end network management for peace of mind.

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