Why Choose Fibre Optic Internet for Your Business?

For a business, a change in technology could be disruptive and initially affect productivity. As a result, a company may prefer to continue using its existing Internet connection without exploring other alternatives.

Not only are there faster connections on the market, they are now more affordable than ever. The cream of the crop is fibre optic broadband, which carries digital information over cables made from glass or plastic fibres.

Existing broadband solutions such as DSL use copper wires, which tend to lose signal strength and speed the further away from the exchange they run. With fibre optic, the signal is sent as light and does not lose strength even over long distances.

Faster than the rest

The immediate benefit of fibre optic Internet over DSL is the quicker speeds. For example, ADSL 2+ has downloads of 20 Mbps while fibre optic has up to 400 Mbps, which is a speed increase of 1,900%.

Faster Internet means increased productivity by making everything quicker for staff. Beyond the Internet running faster, fast upload and downloads speeds make it easier to share large documents, back-up important data, and run data intensive applications such as video conferencing.

A fast connection also means the way staff work is more flexible and collaborative. By adding a Wi-Fi access point to the fibre connection, staff can have access to a speedy and reliable wireless connection throughout the office to use for video conferencing and collaboration.

Get more from less

Having access to a faster and more reliable does not mean it will cost more. Depending on what a business is paying for an existing copper-based connection, switching to fibre optic may be a better priced option.

Moving to fibre optic does not automatically require you to upgrade your equipment. In most cases, you can continue to use the technology you already have or carry out a small upgrade to make them work with the newer connection.

Faster Internet speeds are also just the beginning with fibre optic. Once you start layering additional services on top of the connection, such as telephony and private WAN, overall business costs can be lowered further.

Time to get connected

Fibre optic Internet may seem like the connection of the future, but it could already be in your office building today. That means companies can get access to fast Internet today and start transforming the way they operate.

BTAS Connect uses fast fibre as the backbone to deliver high speed Internet and Wi-Fi to mid-size organisation. In addition to offering choice to businesses in terms of design and architecture, it delivers cost efficiency by providing the latest in technology and increased competitiveness around pricing in the market.

With fast fibre at its core, BTAS Connect offers unlimited business-grade Internet at speeds up to 400Mbps from $400 (plus GST) per month. (For more details and availability in your area, go to www.btas.com.au/btas-connect).

To find out more about BTAS Connect and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.