Network on Demand Comes to Australia

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s (ALE) Network on Demand (NoD) solution had its official launch at a media event in Sydney. Although ALE partners like BTAS have already been offering NoD to customers, this was the first public announcement of the product’s availability in Australia.

Computerworld attended the NoD launch and highlighted how ALE chose Australia and New Zealand, along with Singapore, as the first countries to introduce the product. NoD joins other on-demand products from ALE such as OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud (OTEC) for the hospitality industry and the Rainbow unified communications and collaboration tool.

ALE APAC Cloud director, Steve Saunders, spoke at the launch about changing the way business buy technology with the on-demand business model. “We want to share the business and investment risk with our customers and our business partners,” he said.

Saunders expects the education and hospitality sectors to be the most receptive to NoD, particularly since university networks tend to run at 50 per cent utilisation during holiday periods like Christmas. “We will look at vertical markets where we think the NOD model will be very strong,” he said. “We will look at manufacturing, we will look at healthcare.”

Networking the way you want it

ARN reported on how NoD is offering a “true utility-based billing model” to stand out in the competitive networking sector. Saunders outlined the purpose of Rainbow and how its compatibility with various PABX solutions eliminates the need for a hardware refresh.

“Where I see a future for Rainbow is with companies that have a multi-vendor environment which can collaborate with Rainbow over the top,” he said. Saunders also expects Rainbow to appeal to companies that have communications assets they would like to like to use longer.

Saunders saw a place for Rainbow in Australian businesses as unified communications becomes a growing part of applications and workflow. “Rather than being a B2B standalone application, businesses will be able to have more of a B2C experience with customers,” he said.

CRN also highlighted how NoD is being compared to people paying for electricity on a metered basis. Saunders described NoD as a “complete 100 percent on-demand metered service” billed monthly in arrears. “It is not a finance model but a true consumptive model, just like electricity,” he said.

Get more for less

BTAS Network is our end-to-end management of your local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi. Not only do we offer choice when it comes to the right network for you, we also provide you with a variety of ways to invest in it.

In additional to capital and operational expenditure options, BTAS Network is available as NoD. It also comes with 24/7 network monitoring and managed security by our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC).

By offering BTAS Network as NoD, customer can have an experience that is faster and less complex. They also have the ability to cut costs, in some cases getting 120% network capacity for only 70% of the cost.

To find out more about BTAS Network and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.