Why it’s Time for a Network Tune-Up

Your network and telecommunications system may have served your business well for many years, but that does not mean it is running at peak performance. As more technology is added to support your growing business, performance and optimisation may have been overlooked.

It is possible that your company may have outgrown the technology environment that was set in place years ago. While your network, security, access permissions, and applications appear to be working well, there could be some key technical issues slowing down the overall performance.

Looking in the right places

The only way to know what is really happening with your telecommunications environment is to look under the hood. This can be achieved with a communications performance snapshot, which assesses your infrastructure for any technical weaknesses, security risks, and key areas that can be improved upon.

One key benefit of a communications overview is finding ways to improve your existing infrastructure. In certain cases, a small upgrade could be enough to improve efficiency and bring about significant cost savings.

The performance snapshot could also uncover instances where incorrect settings are used or security has been incorrectly configured. These are quick and inexpensive fixes that would remain unresolved if the communications overview had not been carried out.

Find out the bottlenecks

Staff productivity is important for businesses, but inefficient and unreliable technology can hold them back. If your network is running slow or your telecommunications drops out, this affects business deadlines and can costs you in lost man-hours.

A common culprit may be outdated or legacy hardware. Updating the right components to newer and faster alternatives can bring about significant improvement across the whole communications environment.

You may also have some solutions that are close to full capacity, so you can use that insight to make long term plans for upgrades. This will ensure you are putting the necessary focus on the continued improvement of your entire network while not spending too much all at once.

Get more from what you have

A performance snapshot can also show you what is clogging up your communications environment. In addition to knowing about the congested areas, you’ll also see what’s no longer necessary and how you can free up further capacity on your network to speed up processes.

Insights from the performance snapshot will aid in creating a proactive environment. With a reactive approach, you are limited to waiting for something to happen, and when it does time may be wasted in reporting and fixing the error.

Having the ability to be proactive means potential technical issues are fixed before they can become a problem for your business. You’ll have the necessary information to identify any shortcomings that could cause potentially serious damage down the line, and ensure they are corrected.

Snapshot your performance

The value of a communications overview is that it provides a holistic view of your current setup. Beyond understanding what the network topology, security, capacity, and weak points are, there is value in assessing existing contracts with external vendors and providers.

We are able to assist with BTAS Snapshot, where we inspect your current telecommunications infrastructure to get a picture of what works and what could be improved. In cases where improvements need to be made, we look at the overall complexity and the potential savings.

BTAS Snapshot is designed to provide an “early warning” look into a business’ network infrastructure. It’s not an audit or a consultancy, but a holistic overview of an network environment that identifies any weaknesses and inefficiencies.

While it provides insight into how more radical changes can be made to the communications infrastructure, it is the “quick wins” that bring the immediate benefits to a business. Not only can BTAS Snapshot help to justify any additional investments to a communications environment, in certain situations it could also potentially cover the costs.

To find out more about BTAS Snapshot and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.

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