How Can Aged and Healthcare Prepare for the Cloud?

Large aged and healthcare facilities are much more likely to have existing IT staff in place, so they have the means to explore IT upgrades and migrations. Small to medium sized facilities, however, often do not have any IT staff, yet they still feel pressure to understand what are often complex healthcare IT issues.

Like in many industries, the Cloud has become the preferred environment for healthcare to host virtualised environments, run business applications, and store growing amounts of data. The simplicity and benefits of the Cloud may encourage healthcare organisations to attempt a Cloud migration on their own, though there are a number of potential pitfalls with this approach.

Secure your assets

A 2015 study by Websense found that healthcare is the most breached private sector industry globally, with 81 per cent of healthcare organisations being compromised by cyber-attacks in the past two years. A 2014 study from the Ponemon Institute also found that the potential cost of breaches for the healthcare industry could be as much as US$5.6 billion annually.

Minimising or even eliminating local data storage on PCs and mobile devices is one way the healthcare industry hopes to mitigate security threats. A centralised and controlled data backup location, or multiple off-site certified data storage locations, also provides better security and quicker data recovery times in the event of a technology issue or failure.

However, by undertaking its own Cloud deployment, a facility runs the risk of failing to understand the Cloud provider’s backup and disaster recovery policies. These are the factors that affect the speed of data being recovered following a local hardware failure.

Data sovereignty and the physical location of data is also an important consideration, particularly when it means protected health information is stored and accessed in datacentres outside of Australia. Although many public Cloud providers have an Australia-based datacentre running the Cloud for local healthcare providers, many of these same Cloud providers may back-up their server data to off-shore datacentres.

Have the right bandwidth

Building a secure wireless network is also key when adopting and using the Cloud. Without proper access controls in place, the facility is unable to control who or what types of devices are attempting to access their networks and sensitive data.

As the healthcare industry finds itself needing to do more with less, mobile devices provide facility staff with immediate access to patient information and shortens the data capture process. With this massive increase in mobile device adoption in healthcare, the role of the wireless network has also become more important.

If the network is not configured properly for high traffic periods, some users will be dropped from the network while others will have to wait as the mobile device attempts to access any available bandwidth. In an environment where data is used to make important decisions, problems such as data bottlenecks, dropped connections, and mobile device freeze-ups are a significant barrier to productivity.

Boost your connectivity

Aged and healthcare facilities can meet the needs of both residents and workers with fast and reliable technology infrastructure. BTAS Connect can bring fast fibre-powered WAN and Internet powered to your village, while BTAS Network is end-to-end network management for peace of mind.

Symmetric connectivity of BTAS Connect means uploads are equally fast as downloads, so you’ll be able to add high quality content to the Cloud within minutes. High speed broadband also means you don’t need to worry about the reliability of your file transfers or the availability of the Internet.

BTAS Network is designed to not only manage your network, but also secure it. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) will proactively monitor your network, ensuring you remained focused on running your village and not distracted by the running of technology.

Contact us today to find out how BTAS Connect and BTAS Network can enable your business.