Network on Demand Means Network Freedom

We live in an era of datacentres and Cloud services, where virtual servers can be added within minutes. However, networking technology has remained mostly unchanged, and provisioning Ethernet and virtual private network (VPN) services can still take weeks.

This has meant networking has come with a high level of complexity and cost. But with Network on Demand (NoD), it no longer needs to be that way.

The need for control

Technologies such as the Cloud have enabled customers to order or change their network services in near real time. There is also a growing desire by businesses to have better control of their technology in order to optimise costs wherever possible and remain competitive.

As a result, the traditional way of purchasing and managing network services is becoming less sustainable and relevant. NoD aims to offer the next generation type of experience that businesses expect today.

Fast network setup

If you are planning to open or move to a new office or store location, NoD can be a simple and cost effective option. Going with the traditional model typically takes time, since the contract and ordering process can involve several people in different departments.

Even when the paperwork is out of the way, manually provisioning an Ethernet port comes with additional steps. NoD simplifies this with quick and easy provisioning of ports that support multiple services such as Ethernet and VPN.

Networking that changes with you

By putting the customer in control of their network, NoD allows companies to easily add or change services on their own in near-real time. That means IT managers have the ability to modify the network design with the click of a button.

With NoD, companies only need to provision and pay for what network capacity they will use. This level of flexibility means that if a business changes in any way, the network will be able to change along with it.

Get more for less

BTAS Network is our end-to-end management of your local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi. This includes 24/7 network monitoring and managed security by our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Not only do we offer choice when it comes to the right network for you, we also provide you with a variety of ways to invest in it. In additional to capital and operational expenditure options, BTAS Network is available as NoD.

By offering BTAS Network as NoD, customer can have an experience that is faster and less complex. They also have the ability to cut costs, in some cases getting 120% network capacity for only 70% of the cost.

To find out more about BTAS Network and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.