How Much Did Australians Download in 2015?

Recent ABS statistics have revealed that Australians downloaded 1.71 million terabytes, or 1.7 exabytes, over broadband connections in the three months ending 31 December 2015. That is an almost 50 per cent increase on the same quarter one year earlier.

With an overall trend towards increased application usage, particularly the consumption of high-bandwidth video on demand streaming services, this result comes as no surprise. A study of US bandwidth usage found that video streaming service Netflix and YouTube were responsible for up to 50% of traffic on carrier networks.

Not only is Netflix’s user base growing in Australia, but other video on demand services such as Stan and Presto have also gained a following. When you add the ongoing popularity of YouTube to the mix, the large number of downloads in Australia make a lot of sense.

NBN’s chief technology officer, Dennis Steiger, summed up the situation by saying that the more bandwidth Australians have, the more content they want to consume. This may be an emerging trend in the consumer space, though companies have already been in this mindset for over a decade.

Growing demands of business

For many businesses, they have already had enough bandwidth to run what they needed to run. Additionally, businesses have historically been using a lot more bandwidth than consumers, so their peak usage may have plateaued years earlier.

If a business that has been “getting by” on older contracted bandwidths, they will expectedly ramp up their consumption by using any newer and faster bandwidths that are available. The difference is that video on demand services will not drive the data consumption, but a change in information usage.

This includes group collaboration and productivity applications, always-on and always-available cloud-delivered apps, and larger files and documents being transferred and shared. Many Cloud-delivered applications and ERP solutions also need fast connections with low latency to keep them usable

ABS' research also found that fibre to the premises (FTTP) was the fastest growing Internet access technology in 2015. With carriers deploying fibre to high density residential premises and office buildings at a growing rate, more Australian businesses are expected to take advantage of FTTP in 2016 and in the years to come.

The future is now

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