Introducing BTAS Connect

Every five to eight years, there tends to be a jump in technology where speeds increase and prices go down. This rule holds particularly true when it comes to Internet connectivity.

Over a decade ago, the jump from dial-up to ADSL2+ opened the door to broadband for consumers. In the enterprise world, Frame Relay was displaced by Mid-Band Ethernet (MBE), Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and fibre technologies, and this changed the game by introducing high speeds to both uploads and downloads.

From legacy to digital

Change is happening again with fibre connectivity, in part driven by the federal government's NBN investment and increased investment by the major telcos in a race to capture market share. With prices falling and availability increasing, businesses no longer need to wait for fibre to be installed in their building and then spend tens of thousands of dollars to use it.

The availability of higher speeds at lower costs has increased the transition from legacy voice connectivity - traditional PSTN telephony and ISDN data lines - towards fully digital IP-based connectivity such as VoIP, SIP trunks and broad Ethernet based networks, providing better performance, higher capacity, richer capabilities and cost savings.

BTAS Connect - fibre-powered communications

With over 21 years in the enterprise voice space, the traditional BTAS strength is managing a organisation’s telecommunications infrastructure and environment. Today we are leveraging our experience working with major telcos to add connectivity and carriage to our business communications portfolio to become a “one stop shop” for information and communications technology (ICT) management and support.

To that end, the new solution offering BTAS Connect was designed with two components: fixed line and voice carriage, plus WAN and Internet. These connectivity suites include comprehensive services such as voice and number services, fast fibre connections for private networks, SIP voice networks for cost-effecive VoIP telephony, inter-office networks, Cloud-based services, as well as fast Internet access and file transfer speeds.

BTAS solutions such as BTAS Snapshot offer insight into a business’ technology landscape in terms of risk, while Unicoms and Optima provide intelligent unified communications and technology visibility. What BTAS Connect does is bring all those solutions together with the fast speeds of fibre optic Internet, hence the name Connect.

Bringing more to mid-market

While telcos do a good job of servicing the enterprise market, the same cannot be said for the mid-market and smaller businesses. A “one size fits all” approach to the architecture can also mean is not always as efficient, detailed or smart as it could be.

Telcos are committed in providing support for their enterprise clients, so a mid-size client may not get the attention and support they require. BTAS’ experience with the mid-market means it can offer more responsive support, particularly when it is responsible for designing and managing the communications services, and how they integrate together.

Although the large telcos are the ones rolling out the fibre infrastructure, they have an existing revenue base they are trying to protect. For example, they are more likely to keep customers subscribed to their ISDN solution instead of offering new and more efficient technologies such as SIP.

Passing on the savings

Not only do we differentiate ourselves by offering a higher level of customer service and support, we are also dedicated in bringing savings to the client. The large telcos may offer 10% or 15% discount to keep customers on their existing setup, but we can redesign their communications for a 60% to 70% price drop on line costs alone, while also increasing bandwidth and performance.

Business can then re-invest those savings back into the architecture to add greater capabilities and redundancy. So not only are we able to design smarter architecture that meets the current needs of your business, you will also be well prepared for any future requirements.

To find out more about BTAS Connect and how it can help your business, visit the product page or contact us.

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