The Hidden Business Benefits of Fibre Optic Internet

The high speed of fibre optic Internet is well known to many, though there are additional benefits that are less commonly understood. These benefits, such as bandwidth potential, speed, and reliability, are more apparent when compared to what standard copper cable offers.

The main differentiation of a fibre network is that it relies on light instead of electricity to transmit data, which translates into a much faster Internet connection that is capable of handling higher bandwidth. For that reason, fibre optic has superseded copper-based networks and become the gold standard for fast, high-quality Internet.

Less cables, fewer issues

On a copper network, the speed of Internet is directly correlated with the weight of cable used. That has meant that businesses have invested in more cabling to get the desired Internet speeds, which in turn has taken up space in a company's telecommunications room.

The speed of a fibre optic network is not connected to its size, since a single fibre cable is enough to carry data at high speeds. The simpler design of fibre optic means there’s significantly fewer cables involved and less demanding of limited space in small rooms.

Copper cable-based networks can be affected by environmental factors, such as temperature fluctuations, severe weather conditions, and moisture, leading to loss of connectivity. They are also susceptible to interference from electronic or radio signals.

Since an electric current is carried over copper, old or worn cable can even present a fire hazard. Copper cables can also only sustain 10 kilograms of pressure, so they can be damaged with relative ease during a routine operation in a company's telecommunications room.

In contrast, fibre optic cable can withstand about 45 to 90 kilograms of pressure, meaning they are far less likely to be damaged during routine operations. Fibre networks are typically independent of the phone company, their equipment and termination points, so there’s little risk of any accidental mistakes by phone company personnel when they access the copper wires in the building.

Get connected today

The benefits of fibre optic Internet have made it a top choice for large business, but it is now an increasingly common choice for mid-sized companies. BTAS Connect is already providing fast fibre-powered Internet and WAN to numerous mid-sized businesses, and it could be yours as well from $400 per month (plus GST).

Symmetric connectivity of BTAS Connect means uploads are equally fast as downloads, so you’ll be able to add high quality content to the Cloud within minutes. High speed broadband also means you do not need to worry about the reliability of your file transfers or the availability of the Internet.

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