Plan Your IT Relocation with a Checklist

If done correctly, moving your office to a new location could bring several advantages for your business. However, a successful move requires you to carry out quality research on your target location.

An office planning check-list can be used to scope out your business’s demands and confirm whether the location meets the optimum conditions for it to operate and grow. A similar type of checklist could be used when considering your technology requirements.

Using our industry insight, we have created an IT relocation checklist that you can use to understand your current technology environment and reap the benefits of moving it to a new location. Seeking external help can prevent you from costly design mistakes and the need to upgrade more often in the long run.

Understand your requirements

With businesses relying more and more on technology, a modern office could be better equipped for future expansion. That can save you time and resources that would be spent on upgrading your existing facility.

If you are unaware of what technology you have, BTAS Snapshot provides a high-level management summary of the current status of the organisation’s communication environment. The on-site and remote discovery, analysis and measurement activities take on average three weeks, and are followed by a detailed report and stakeholder presentation.

BTAS Connect uses fast fibre as the backbone to deliver high speed Internet and Wi-Fi to a mid-size organisation. In addition to offering choice to companies in terms of design and architecture, it delivers cost efficiency by providing the latest in technology and increased competitiveness around pricing in the market.

Move to a modern network

When it comes to upgrading your communications setup, BTAS Network is our end-to-end management of your local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi. This includes 24/7 network monitoring and managed security by our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Not only do we offer choice when it comes to the right network for you, we also provide you with a variety of ways to invest in it. In additional to capital and operational expenditure options, BTAS Network is available as NoD.

To find out more about the above products and how they can help your business, visit the product pages below or contact us.