Big Data and Wearables to Transform Aged Care

Innovative technologies such as Big Data and wearables will have a key role to play in aged care, according to retirement living provider, Aveo. In an interview with Australian Ageing Agenda, General Manager, Jason Eldering, said these technologies provide better and more accurate information about care needs, and should be considered by providers.

“Big data and wearables are where the future is going to lie,” he said. “Not only to get better health outcomes, but to also promote wellness.”

Wearables have the potential to help aged care facilities understand their residents by monitoring how much they are moving. Big Data would also play a big role by interfacing with wearables that monitored activity and vital signs.

The information from wearables would then be used by Big Data systems to make informed decisions about the health of the resident and alert medical professionals when needed. “We need to move away from a clinical-based model to a wellness and enablement model,” Eldering said.

Start the journey early

Aveo is an aged care provider that is already evaluating wearables and Big Data, with Eldering highlighting the latter as a particular focus for the facility. “We keep looking at that and saying what it means for our business and residents,” he said.

Larger facilities may have the internal resources to already start looking at those technologies, but Eldering said smaller providers can turn to a trusted technology partner or advisor to achieve the same goal. “It is trying to get the bite size pieces for smaller providers and identifying what can be done today, then taking it and making it work,” he said.

With a growing need for consumer directed care in the aged care sector, Eldering said facilities would benefit from looking into these new technologies sooner rather than later. “[Providers] really need to invest in this innovation space … and to look at a research and development component within their business and resource it appropriately,” he said.

Setting the right foundation

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