SDN - What do you need to know?

Software-defined networking, or SDN, is a relatively new technology that is already having a major impact on companies particularly in the financial services industry. 

SDN is defined as having both Separation of control and data plane: the intelligence of the switch/router is split out from the packet-forwarding engine; and Programmability:  The ability to centrally change traffic flows, partition the networks and provide application-level QoS improves network flexibility.

The advantages of SDN are compelling where issues such as agile development, speed to market, compliance, security, data protection and high availability of applications are so critical to business success.

Although it may be too early to consider SDN in your organisation, we have supplied some background reading material to help come up to speed.

SDN Technologies and Considerations

SDN White Paper for financial industry

NEWS: Alcatel-Lucent launches major new SDN platform