Are you paying too much for your comms?

A recent article in the Australian newspaper quoted research findings that Telstra customers are paying a hefty premium for communications. 

Combined with other trends such as dramatic fall in ISDN usage, the uptake of SIP trunking and the decline of fixed voice services in favour of VoIP and mobile makes the time right for a review of comms architecture and comms costs within your organisation.

More often than not when under time pressure and constrained by having to take care of urgent business priorities, attention is focused elsewhere.  Telecom carriage, WAN and network agreements in place for a couple of years or more are working just fine, and "if it's not broken, don't fix it" remains a good working principle. 

However the service provider market for communications is very dynamic - new products, new technologies and new pricing structures are introduced almost every month.

In light of market changes how can IT managers find the time to stay on top of new offers and whether the business requirements are well served, and well priced, by the current service provider arrangements?

The BTAS SNAPSHOT service is designed to take the burden off IT managers, by running a top level analysis of network efficiency and carriage financials.  BTAS is not a telco, our business is finding, designing and implementing enterprise-grade communications for mid-sized organisations.  We do this by maintaining a neutral approach - the best, most appropriate solutions.

BTAS is confident the the SNAPSHOT service can provide your organisation an unbiased, neutral perspective of how the communications are setup compared to how they could be set up against the market best-practices.

BTAS is confident enough to state that if the SNAPSHOT service cannot find savings within your current setup, your organisation will not need to pay for the service:  a money-back guarantee, and you can keep the full report for future reference. 

The BTAS objective is to give you as an IT professional, access to an unbiased advisor.

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