ICT Agility – Enabling a More Responsive Business

ICT agility is about how effectively and efficiently the organisation’s ICT will be able to respond to business strategy demands and/or changing business requirements. At one point or another, every business is challenged to make critical decisions on issues from business expansion and acquisitions, to cost rationalisation and business restructuring. Having agile ICT environments will in turn enable a more nimble and responsive business.

Whether you are growing and adding sites, increasing or decreasing users, running special projects, or merging with another business, your business goal is to deliver high quality products and services to your end consumers quickly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. Modern business – and the overall customer experience –  depends on the quality and reliability of ICT infrastructure and services:  communications, data services, web services and social media, contact centre, access to enterprise systems from anywhere: the head office, field offices, mobile workers, clients offices or traveling abroad. 

ICT agility is the intelligent design and deployment of network technology and infrastructure combined with astute flexible commercial service agreements. This design make possible short term increase in users, services or bandwidth for temporary projects, or the rapid integration of newly acquired sites, fast start-up of new campuses, temporary reduction of capabilities if needed, or increase in throughput for surge demand and disaster recovery planning – just to name a few.

With over 20 years’ experience designing, managing and  integrating ICT systems BTAS has the expertise to deploy agile ICT environments that can flex and scale in response to fast changing business needs, enable a more responsive business and ensure that you pay for what you need and not more.

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Source: CIO Magazine, September 2015