Do you know the Industry that is most targeted by Cyber-Criminals?

"This industry experiences 340% more security attacks than the average industry, and is 200% more likely to experience theft of data", ARN September 2015

The answer?

Healthcare is, by far, the most breached private sector industry globally. KPMG research has found that 81% of healthcare organisations have been compromised by cyber-attacks in the past 2 years.

This has created a continuous threat to healthcare organisations and forces them to consider the strength and security of their systems and data as many as 13% of these organisations say that their systems are targeted by intrusions and possible attacks about once a day.

According to KPMG’s Cyber practice, patient records are about ten times more valuable than credit card information for hackers, because personal information cannot easily be changed and can be used for identity theft.

Advanced malware - software designed to embed itself in networked computers, gain access to systems and collect information to then transmit back to the originator - is the most commonly reported type of attack.

As long as healthcare data is perceived to be so valuable it is critical for healthcare organisations to focus on the strength and breadth of their security to defend against these kinds of attacks and protect the data they have become custodians of. Security includes not just the software to protect against malware, intrusion, virus and Trojan attacks, but also network design, hardware (routers, switches, gateways, firewalls) points of failure, firmware upgrades, and importantly user policy and compliance.

BTAS manages the ITC communications and networks for several large health and aged care facilities around Australia where we design, deploy and manage network technologies in an intelligent way to help protect data security of patients and residents.

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Source: ARN Magazine, 24 September 2015