TPG’s $1 Billion Deal with Vodafone – What This Means for Mid-Sized Businesses

The industry is still digesting the new of TPG's partnership with Vodafone.

The network deal was one of two major agreements with Vodafone announced with a combined value of more than $1 billion. The second is a 15-year agreement that will see TPG extend more than 4,000km of new fibre to Vodafone mobile sites. TPG will invite more than 300,000 of its mobile phone users to take up a new offer on Vodafone's network which would switch them from the Optus network. The two companies are calling the mobile deal one of the industry’s “largest-ever” mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) arrangements. 

TPG chief executive David Teoh cited Vodafone’s reliability and 4G speeds as the biggest benefits, claiming TPG mobile users will get “substantially faster data speeds”.

Along with the recent acquisition of ISP iinet, TPG is now the second largest internet provider in Australia by subscriber, having overtaken Optus, and on the way to being the second largest telco and a credible alternative to Telstra and Optus for landline, voice calls, WAN, Internet and mobile infrastructure for mid-sized businesses.

BTAS has recently an alliance agreement with TPG and is well positioned to provide whole-of-business voice and data services to mid-sized businesses across Australia, along with integration of the latest unified communications technologies and monitoring and management services of ICT infrastructure.

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