3 Ways CIOs Should Meet Customer's Mobile Needs


Think Mobile First:

Mobile has becoming increasingly important for all customers. From banking to shopping to feedback, mobile is at the forefront of all customer communication, and should be at the forefront of most business processes.

However, it is also important to consider customer requirements. For example, 85% of customers do their banking transactions on and customers use the mobile channel for transactions like balance inquiries or money transfers but for more complex transactions (opening a new account), they still prefer to go into a branch.

              Use Responsive Design

This may sound apparent, but utilising responsive design means the user experience is intuitive and highly flexible. An additional benefit is that an organisation only needs to build the application once.

 Keep up with Customer Desires

Generation X is vastly different from their counterpart baby-boomers, not only in attitudes and preferences but more importantly, in their buying behaviour. The younger generation relies heavily on mobile and social and wants interactive content about a product before they purchase it. Traditional sales brochures are no longer as effective.


Source: Network World, 5 October 2015