Everything-as-a-Service - Have IT Managers lost Control?

A recent article in CIO Magazine (October, 2015) discussed the arrival of Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) and its impact on IT Managers. According to the article, although many IT Managers agree that XaaS could be beneficial to an organisation, they also believe that XaaS would mean a loss of control or internal expertise, and few believe that any one vendor could deliver the full range of services, technologies and tools needed.

At BTAS we give the time and control back to the IT managers by being a single number to call for any IT help or issues. Our design expertise, product range and integration experience combine to create a single provider of communications solutions ranging from cloud-based services, hardware and software to networks, carriage and connectivity, and on to monitoring, support and training - many components of which may be delivered as-a-service.

We believe that utilising Everything-as-a-Service solutions provides value to the IT function within an organisation; deploying XaaS frees up internal resources to work on other projects, increases flexibility, enables agility and allows systems to be managed around the clock.

We don’t believe IT Managers have lost control with the implementation of Everything-as-a-Service.  Do you agree?

Source: CIO, October 2015