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Hunter Douglas, a manufacturer of window coverings, has multiple offices across Australia. Each of those sites had their own telecommunications environment, which meant there was very little interconnectivity between the offices.

Each communication setup relied on several vendors and providers, which also varied from site to site. This meant the telecommunications was not only complex and difficult to manage at one site, but also throughout all of Hunter Douglas.

The company’s existing communications had served it well for many years, but some of it had become obsolete. Since support for the technology had already ended years earlier, it now carried a risk of failure.


Instead of recommending a complete “rip-and-replace” upgrade, BTAS was instead able to leverage Hunter Douglas’ existing technology investment as much as possible. While some of the obsolete technology needed replacing, others could be bolstered with added performance and functionality.

Hunter Douglas’ telecommunications was upgraded to a single, centralised system that provided services to remote interfaces across the country. This modern setup helped to reduce failure, as well as allowed for simple management of technology at each of the company’s sites.


The modern and centralised system design brought significant on-going cost saving from both management and technology perspectives. Since the technology refresh was a migration and not a complete overhaul, it minimised business disruption at Hunter Douglas and allowed the company’s staff to operate as normal.

In addition to improving the quality of communications within Hunter Douglas, call handling with external customers and suppliers was improved. The added level of visibility and reporting also contributed to the reduction of ongoing expenses for the company.

This initial project with BTAS grew into an ongoing supper and maintenance relationship that has lasted for over a decade. As Hunter Douglas plans to upgrade that technology again around a mobile first philosophy, BTAS will once again be there to support them in that transformation.


About Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is a manufacturer of quality window coverings with a proven reputation for delivering innovative internal and external shading solutions, fabrics and components. The company has been manufacturing in Australia for 60 years.