Imagine what your business could do with business-grade Internet running at 400Mbps. Not only does it have the ability to transform your office, it comes with unlimited downloads to ensure you remain ahead of the curve.

Super fast Internet is just one service within BTAS Connect. Your organisation's communications can be supercharged by overlaying Private WAN services, SIP trunk lines or fixed line data and voice carriage services to further optimise your telecommunications and reduce costs.

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Unlock the True Potential of Your Office with
BTAS Connect Fibre-powered Communications and Private WAN

3. WAN

Wide Area Network (WAN) services are private networks that connect an organisation’s sites and offices with secure communications and the ability to manage the flow of traffic through Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS).

4. Internet

High-speed enterprise-grade internet services designed for mid-sized organisations from 100-1000 seats which require Internet for high-volume, high throughput business critical services, including connecting remote and mobile users.

1. Fixed Line

Fixed Line services include all voice ‘dial tone’ services delivered as voice channels; a suite of common number feature services; number porting services; and number diversion services. These common services can be delivered over SIP, ISDN, or PSTN.

2. Voice Carriage

Carriage services refers to voice calls and are categorised into Local, National, Fixed to Mobile (F2M), 13/1300/1800 and International calls. BTAS carriage services offer value and flexibility based on need and usage.

Lightning Fast Internet Running at 400Mbps From $400 Per Month*

Single Provider for All Communications

BTAS Connect services combined with BTAS Unicoms, Optima and Network services enables BTAS to deliver simple to understand, comprehensive “one-stop-shop” approach to integrated communications services: voice, data, video, collaboration and networks.

Simpler, Single Bill

All BTAS communications services are presented on a single bill and provide visibility, transaprancy, proactive monitoring and reporting, and are delivered with pre-agreed service levels.

Experts in Converged Voice, Data and Video

With specialist skills across IP Telephony, Video and Collaboration Technologies, Contact Centre, Telecommunications Carriage services, Network Systems and NOC services BTAS is uniquely positioned to design, deploy and manage high performing converged communications.

Exceptional Customer Service

BTAS puts the user experience at the centre of communications technology providing training and support to drive end-user acceptance and boost productvity. As the single provider of communications, if support is needed there is one number to call, one organisation to answer the question or resolve the issue.

Enterprise-Grade for Mid-Sized Organisations

BTAS Connect services are robust, powerful and tailored to the needs of mid-sized organisations: simpler – easy to decide and deploy; streamlined – more of what the organisation needs and less of what it does not; and nimble – a customer-centric approach means fast response and easy access to support.

Tier 1 Partners - No Compromise Performance

BTAS Connect services are backed by Tier 1 telecommunications carriers and make full use of, and have access to the nationwide infrastructure, relationships, backhaul lines, trunks and networks of the major carriers including Telstra, Optus, TPG, NBN and their divisions and subsidiaries.

Value - Priced for Mid-Sized Organisations

BTAS Connect services are priced right for mid-sized organisations, saving up to 30% on line and carriage costs compared to the major telcos.

BTAS Connect services achieve these savings by tailoring services to the requirements of mid-sized organisations: including stable, reliable and high-performing architectures, but removing unnecessary features and costs from the connectivity offering.

How BTAS Connect Empowers Your Business

Having a faster Internet connection can transform your business beyond quicker upload and download speeds of data. Here is a typical workplace scenario being powered by BTAS Connect:

connect_workplace scenario diagram

BTAS Connect Product Information

BTAS Carriage Services

Voice Calls
Voice calls categorised into Local, National, Fixed to Mobile (F2M), 13/1300/1800 and International calls.

Flexible Billing
BTAS offers a range of high value and flexible call bundles as well as tailoring call rates to suit usage. Services are billed on a single bill for visibility, transparency and management reporting.

Phone Number Services
IN-DIAL RANGES - custom allocations of phone numbers in multiples of 10, 50 or 100 for direct in-dial.

National Number Hosting (NNH) to centralise voice calls but retain local state number prefixes and phone numbers.

Local Number Portability (LNP) allows a business to keep its existing phone numbers when changing carriers.

Re-direct (divert) calls if needed from within the ‘Exchange’. Number re-direction is often leveraged as part of a Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in the case of a site not being available.

In-Bound Voice provides the ability to use 13/1300/1800 local-cost/low-cost customer phone numbers to improve the organisation’s customer experience.

Redundant connection to provide both failover capability in case of SIP lines being down and/or overflow of calls to ISDN channels if all the SIP sessions are in use.

BTAS Internet

Enterprise-Grade Internet
BTAS provides high-speed enterprise-grade internet services specifically designed for mid-sized organisations from100-1000 seats+ which require Internet for high-volume, high throughput business critical services, including Dedicated Hosting.  

High-Speed Internet
BTAS Internet provides ultra high speed Internet connection from business-grade ADSL through to fibre connectivity with speeds up to 400Mbps.  

Unlimited Data Plans
BTAS Internet connections come with unlimited data plans to simplify ordering and billing, and remove concern about going over data limits and paying higher (unpredictable) data rates removing the risk of ‘bill-shock’.


BTAS Fixed Line Services

Fixed Line Services - SIP
SIP Trunks deliver voice channels through either a dedicated or shared data connection and remove the need for separate ISDN & PSTN lines, the typical result being substantially reduced fixed line rental costs.  

Fixed Line Services - ISDN & PSTN
ISDN uses a dedicated line to deliver voice channels and can also deliver data services. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services are traditional phone service delivered over a copper pair.


Intelligent WAN Architecture
BTAS designs Private WAN architecture based on the organisation’s data traffic, usage and throughput to optimise performance against costs. BTAS network infrastructure expertise, the role of the BTAS Network Operations Centre (NOC) coupled with WAN analysis tools provide the foundation for decisions such as centralisation vs. distributed designs and inputs into having the right connectivity – speed, capacity, bandwidth – in the right places.

24x7 Monitoring & Management
BTAS Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides Proactive 24x7 monitoring and management of customer Private WANs. Our Network Management System delivers constant information regarding the status of our customer WAN performance.

National Coverage
BTAS Connect WAN services can provide bandwidth connectivity of between 500Kbps to over 1Gbps to almost any site in Australia, including Data Centres, using a variety of technologies including copper and/or fibre ‘access tails’, as well as Fixed High-Performance Wireless (distinct from Wi-Fi) and even 3G/4G connectivity. BTAS can deliver multiple services over a single ‘access tail’ – whether Internet, Private WAN or SIP.

Traffic Management (QoS and CoS)
BTAS Connect WAN services include Quality of Serivce (Qos) and Class of Service (CoS) traffic management on connections. The ability to do QoS and up to six levels of CoS provides the ability to prioritise real-time or high-priority traffic over other traffic types   e.g. Voice, Video, CITRIX or other high-priority business applications.

Knowledge, Expertise and Tools
Through our Snapshot and Optima services BTAS has the skills and tools to gain visibility over networks, LANs, WANs, determine traffic peaks, troughs, flows, types and from this input design a WAN to both meet the organisation’s requirements and scale as their business traffic profiles change.

Securely Connect Multiple Offices and Data Centres
Private WAN provides vastly greater security than running VPN’s over the internet. Multiple Access Tails can be combined to provide for a secure Wide Area network from 2 sites to 100’s of sites.

About BTAS Connect

  • All prices are quoted excluding GST.
  • BTAS Connect 400 Mbps fast fibre is not available in all areas and/or to all buildings in a given area. BTAS Fast Fibre is concentrated around central business districts (CBDs) of capital and major cities. 
  • If you received an email of product flyer from BTAS regarding BTAS Fast Fibre this is because according to our information the building listed as the address for the email recipient / flyer distribution has access to BTAS Connect Fast Fibre - however, this may not always be the case.  To confirm if BTAS Connect Fast Fibre is available at your premises, please contact us on 1300 55 44 11, .au or send us a message using the contact form.
  • BTAS Connect 400 Mbps Fast Fibre involves connection from the fibre node outside the premises into the site, for which there is an upfront once-only installation fee - this fee may vary according to the type and length of services connected and may be approximately $4,000 plus GST one-tine connection fee - to find out more please contact us on 1300 55 44 11, .au or send us a message using the contact form.
  • BTAS Connect 400 Mbps Fast Fibre available for $400 per month (plus GST) provides a fibre termination at the communications room/data room and includes an internet router for connection into your site’s LAN.
  • BTAS Connect 400 provides fast connectivity to build organisation-wide communication such as Private WAN, SIP trunks, VoIP telephony, Video conferencing, unified communications and others, which are additional services and product offerings not included in the base offering. More information on additional services is available here.