Contact Centre Solutions

BTAS has a specialised practice focusing on contact centre technology, employing dedicated contact centre design experts. Our specialist teams are vendor trained and certified engineers and consultants. We deliver an integrated contact centre solution that improves customer interaction by implementing a multi-channel approach, boosting efficiencies and seamlessly connecting all customer touch points. We are a single provider/point-of-call for all technology implementation, maintenance and management.

How we do it:

·         Provide integrated contact centre technologies that enable workers to be productive and efficient

·         Provide tools for accurate and consistent reporting

·         Proactively monitoring your contact centre system

·         Predict and manage seasonalpeak periods

·         Provide tools for an Omni-channel experience; you can capture your customers on whatever channel they choose (telephone, email, web chat, video)

What we do:

·         Help improve customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value

·         Increase team productivity whilst reducing operating expenses 

·         Provide visibility of what the team is doing

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