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End Users: 1001-5000


The Clemenger Group consists of a group of advertising and marketing communications companies in Australia and New Zealand, so it is responsible for numerous sites that have different client accounts. The advertising firm needs to be flexible to the needs of its portfolio of clients, as no two competing brands can be managed by the same site.

If Clemenger wins a new client while already supporting a competing one, they may need to quickly set up a separate office to handle the new account. But if a client leaves, then the company will need to decommission an office just as readily.

Adding to the complexity was that each of Clemenger’s sites typically had their own technology environment, meaning that the telecommunications system and carriage varied from site to site. In addition to dealing with technology of varying ages and functionality, in some cases it was obsolete.

Each office was dealing with multiple service partners, with technology that had been bought and installed at a premium, only to have it decommissioned years later at a loss. Besides the large upfront capital investment and subsequent write-off, the technology setup was unable to keep up with the regular changes at Clemenger’s business.


BTAS leveraged Clemenger’s largest pieces of current technology investment, and virtualised it at a datacentre. By centralising the telecommunications at a datacentre, multiple offices now have access to the same technology setup.

The advantage of virtualising at a datacentre is the flexibility between software and hardware. The virtual machines are not reliant on any particular hardware they run on, meaning Clemenger is no longer dependent on a single vendor, type of service, or even platform.


Clemenger’s centralised telecommunications system provided the company with a new level of agility for quickly establishing new businesses and making changes on the fly. At the same time, decommissioning sites and redeploying the software and technology became easier, thereby saving the company time and money.

This centralised approach also allowed Clemenger’s IT department to start provisioning technology and services on a monthly, per user basis across all sites. This meant the company was able to better control its technology investment and often pay for only what was needed for a set period.

A modern telecommunications environment means Clemenger is now able to look at transforming into a mobile first business. The company will once again turn to BTAS to leverage a BYOD strategy and reduce capital investment for its telephony.


About Clemenger Group

The Clemenger Group consists of a group of companies involved in advertising and marketing communications throughout Australia and New Zealand. It operates across the marketing services spectrum with specialist companies offering clients best-of-category expertise in various disciplines.