The Need for a Modern Contact Centre

Delivering a satisfying customer experience is a top priority for most organizations today. However, managing that experience in today’s digital age has never been more complex.

Voice-based communication with customers continues to play an important role, though new channels of digital communication have emerged. In addition to email and SMS, social media and web chat have become the preferred media for many of today’s consumers and the way they interact with business.

Bringing a Better Experience to Customers

Consumers now expect a convenient, satisfying and consistent experience at all times, and have little patience for companies that are unable to deliver. This evolving marketplace has also put pressure on businesses to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency while remaining compliant with industry regulations and policies.

Our solutions are multi-channel, so customers will be able to contact you any time they want in their communication channel of preference. By offering customers choice and engaging with them on their preferred channel, your business will become more customer-centric and efficient.

The Modern Contact Centre

One part of the challenge for businesses is offering a flexible, intimate customer experience. At the same time, it needs to be done without compromising the bottom line.

imei's solutions are designed to help the contact centre on all fronts:

Outbound Campaigns

Today's businesses need to more proactive and less reactive in customer engagement. Engage the customer instead of waiting for them to contact you.

Multi-channel Contact Support

Support the full digital customer experience of voice, email, and social media to deliver the quality of service customers have come to expect.

Workforce Management

Improve your bottom line by ensuring you have the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills.


Inbound Contacts

Grow and expand the foundation of your contact centre in line with business demands. Ensure customers can contact you when needed.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integrate your contact centre with and other leading CRM platforms to better manage customer information and interactions.


Report, measure, review and interpret the results of your call centre campaigns. Use contact handling and analytics reports to train and manage contact centre staff.

A Contact Centre Just Right for You

There is no need to rip and replace a complete environment to move to a multimedia contact centre solution. Most of the improvements and cost savings can be done in the background, so most contact centre staff won’t notice anything except an improved user experience.

In some cases, you may be able to keep your existing handsets and overlay additional functionality on top of it. If you require new handsets, you have the flexibility to either source them yourself or from us.

Benefits of Our Contact Centre Solutions

imei has a specialised practice focusing on contact centre technology, employing dedicated contact centre design experts. Our specialist teams consist of vendor trained and certified engineers and consultants.

We deliver an integrated contact centre solution that improves customer interaction by implementing a multi-channel approach, boosting efficiency and seamlessly connecting all customer touch points. We are also a single provider/point-of-call for all technology implementation, maintenance and management.

This is how our solutions can benefit your contact centre:

  • Comprehensive range of features for today’s contact centre
  • Flexible and programmable distribution rules based on time or day
  • Simple WYSIWYG management interface
  • Performance awareness with real-time and historical reporting tools
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Single point for administration, supervision and reporting
  • Better planning and resourcing with look-ahead routing and distribution

Our Best-of-Breed Technology Partners

Contact centre solutions for small, mid-sized and enterprise organisations need to be flexible, powerful and agile. To that end, we partner with two of the best vendors in the communications space:

Mitel offers industry-leading unified communication solutions for businesses of all sizes for more than 40 years. Its solutions are tailored for today's contact centre, and include core software, phones, headsets and robust applications such as contact center solutions and a suite of mobile capabilities.


Alcatel Lucent Enterprise's solutions are aimed at companies with contact centers that are mainly driven by voice interactions, addressing installations of all types and sizes, from small to large capacities. Solutions such as OmniTouch CC Standard Edition are the mainstay of many contact centres worldwide.