What is BTAS Connect?

BTAS Connect provides your business with blistering fast Internet running up to 400Mbps.

Fast Internet is just one service within BTAS Connect. Your organisation’s communications can be supercharged by overlaying private WAN, fixed line, and voice carriage services to further optimise your telecommunications and reduce costs.

Fast Fibre-Powered Communications

Imagine what your business could do with business-grade Internet running at 400Mbps. Here is a list of services made possible by BTAS Connect’s fast fibre:


Fast and Unlimited Internet

High-speed enterprisegrade Internet designed for mid-sized organisations from 100 to 1000 seats that rely on high-volume, high throughput business critical services, including connecting remote and mobile users.


Robust Wide Area Network (WAN)

Connect numerous worksites and offices with a secure WAN running on top of a fast fibre backbone, ensuring your employees can easily collaborate and share resources between locations.


Reliable Fixed Line

Get access to all traditional voice “dial tone” services delivered as voice channels, as well as number porting and diversion services.


Rapid Number Relocation

Have your voice calls quickly set up into local, national, international, Fixed-to-Mobile (F2M), and 13/1300/1800 numbers.

How BTAS Connect Empowers Your Business

Having a faster Internet connection can transform your business beyond quicker upload and download speeds of data. Here is a typical workplace scenario being powered by BTAS Connect:

The BTAS Connect Difference

Mid-sized organisation can use BTAS Connect to simplify management of their communications and achieve greater efficiency from an architectural and cost saving perspective. Here are some key benefits of choosing fast fibre with BTAS Connect:


Make secure, high speed network and Internet the centre of workplace productivity


Reduced call costs across all fixed voice services, including local, national, Fixed-to-Mobile and ancillary services


High level of flexibility of voice services to support Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP)


Modern architecture that centralises and consolidates voice services, lowering risk and boosting productivity


Greater visibility, insight and reporting across your telecommunications spend



Higher service levels and understanding of business needs by a mid-market specialist compared to a traditional large telco

About BTAS Connect

  • All prices are quoted excluding GST.
  • BTAS Connect Fast Fibre 400Mbps is not available in all areas, and concentrated around central business districts (CBDs) of capital and major cities.  
  • To confirm if BTAS Connect Fast Fibre is available at your premises, please contact us on 1300 55 44 11, enquiries@btas.com.au or send us a message using the contact form.
  • BTAS Connect Fast Fibre 400Mbps involves connection from the fibre node outside the premises into the site, for which there is an upfront once-only installation fee - which may vary according to the type and length of services connected and may be approximately $4,000 one-time connection fee - to find out more please contact us on 1300 55 44 11, enquiries@btas.com.au or send us a message using the contact form.
  • BTAS Connect Fast Fibre 400Mbps is available for $400 per month (plus GST) provides a fibre termination at the communications room/data room and includes an internet router for connection into your site’s LAN.
  • BTAS Connect Fast Fibre 400Mbps provides fast connectivity to build organisation-wide communication such as Private WAN, SIP trunks, VoIP telephony, Video conferencing, unified communications and others, which are additional services and product offerings not included in the base offering.